Real-time compliance across your organisation.

End to end compliance tooling for modern organisations.

Real-time assessments, full traceability, & live monitoring — so you can spend less on compliance and more on growth.

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Compliant from conception.

Compliance shouldn't hold back innovation.

Real time assessment allows teams to experiment within existing regulatory frameworks — improving time to market for new ideas. Safely.

Manage and monitor.

Get the complete picture of compliance across your organisation.

Live monitoring, configurable business rules, and automated incident reporting — reducing risks, reducing costs.

Adapt to regulatory change.

Understand what regulatory changes will mean for your industry, and your specific products.

New regulation is encoded automatically — take the effort out of maintenance and BAU

How it works.

Everything you need to keep pace in a constantly shifting regulatory environment.

Live Compliance Guidance.

See what regulation is applicable, and if your products or process is compliant — directly as you design.

Spot gaps in coverage, potential issues, and get guidance on how to remedy them, so you can get changes to market faster.

Realtime Incident monitoring

Get continual assurance with live monitoring of both existing, and new products.

Configure custom risk-profiles and policies on top of regulatory rules, so you know exactly how every product, and know instantly when things go wrong.

Fully immutable & traceable.

Get full traceability of every decision. Never let compliance be a black box.

Our Knowledge Graph understands how associated regulation is interlinked, with every rule, obligation, and definition traced directly back to the regulatory source.

Product-specific horizon scanning.

Our regulation experts translate new regulation into coded rules that can be easily understood by humans and digital tools.

Automatically see upcoming regulation changes, what they mean for your specific products, and guidance on how to adapt them.

Who we're for.

Reduce the overhead of compliance. Streamline the process of innovation.

Reduce risk & cost.

Automated monitoring, reporting, gap analysis, and horizon scanning reduce compliance overheads and risk of incidents

Improve speed of innovation.

Experiment safely with realtime compliance testing, so you can reduce time to market for new ideas.

Drive true differentiation.

comply new and innovative ideas quickly to bring to life your purpose, and truly differentiate from competitors.

Simplify the development, roll out, and monitoring of new policy & regulations.

Reduce effort of policy change.

New rules are encoded as code, and instantly accessible to all relevant parties.

Close the gap between intent & implementation.

Ensure services deliver on policy intent, and drive desired outcomes.

Full transparency.

Don't wait for audits. Know when and where breaches occur, in real time, across multiple departments and teams.

Supercharge your teams. Spend less time on process, and more on progress.

Complete peace of mind.

Real-time monitoring allows you to instantly identify breaches & incidents across your entire organisation

Less time on BAU.

Automated processes and tests reduce time spend on manual tasks, freeing up teams to focus on what matters.

A true compliance culture.

Give your entire organisation the tools to understand the rules, so front-line, risk teams, and auditors can work together productively.

Drive innovation. Turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

Manage change effectively.

Product-specific horizon scanning and compliance guidance allows you to quickly understand, address, and roll out changes.

Innovate quickly & safely.

Compliance guidance as you design reduces the need for heavy compliance review, and means new ideas don't get shelved at the last minute.

Build better products.

Faster innovation means better products. Support your customers & drive growth with new ideas, rather than the same generic offerings.

Why we're building the future of compliance.

Compliance doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Today, the limiting factor for organisations seeking to deliver meaningful change is how well they can innovate the compliance process.

With technology supporting us we can stop focusing on how we implement regulatory change and instead look at how regulation can drive innovation.

Poor compliance has a human cost.
The future of compliance isn’t just about mitigating financial risk. This is about culture, accountability, and true progress.

Realta Logic stands for less process, more progress.

Recent News

Regulatory Knowledge Graphs at Graph Summit.

May 3 2023

Our Co-Founder Stephen Mc Gowan will be presenting on how we create insightful Regulatory Knowledge Graphs.

We will show how regulation is both fun and beautiful, when leveraging the power of Realta Logic and Neo4j. Come see us on May 3rd, at Graph Summit Sydney.

Realta Logic in Australian Fintech.

Mar 24 2023

Appian's Guy Mettrick discusses how our Connected Compliance Solution helps organisations remain compliant and competitive.

Turning compliance from a cost, to an opportunity using the combined power of Realta Logic's regulatory intelligence and Appians data fabric and process fabric.

Winners Of International Womens Day Scholarship

Mar 8 2023

Our Co-Founder Síobháine Slevin has won the Stone & Chalk International Womens Day Scholoarship for 2023.

As part of this we are excited to take up residence in Stone & Chalk in Sydney's Starup Hub.

Thought Leaders for
Appian APJ.

Oct 10 2022

We are proud to be presenting as Thought Leaders at the Appian APJ Conference in Sydney, in October.

We are excited to discuss with clients and future clients how Realta Logic and Appian can be levarage to truely deliver Compliance as a Competitive Advantage.

Realta Logic & QUT Law paper accepted
for CRCL22.

Sep 16 2022

Our paper "From Rules as Code to Legal and Regulatory Coding Strategies" based on our ongoing research with QUT Law will be presented in November, as part of the COHUBICOL/CRLC conference in Belgium.

InnovationAus: The Innovation Papers Launch.

Aug 11 2022

We were there for the launch of this important forum of technology and innovation leaders from across Australia.

Realta Logic was also mentioned in one of the papers, "Rules as code: Regulatory infrastructure for a digital age", as recognition for our innovative approach to complex regulatory environments.

IACC 'Startup Of The
Year' Nomination.

Jul 19 2022

It is very humbling to be nominated for the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, alongside such amazing companies.

Realta Logic is a proudly Irish owned, Australian company, with a global vision and we're thankful to recognised for that.

Rules as Code in the
real world.

Sept 25 2021

The perfect partnership of Enterprise and Academia showing how it can work.

We're delighted to work with QUT Law on Rules as Code and exploring Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

Realta Logic partners
with Appian.

Sept 14 2021

Realta Logic has entered into a partnership agreement with Appian. Our library of regulatory rules with their low-code tools is a powerful combination.

We’re excitied to solve our clients problems together.

Encoding the DDO Legislation.

Sept 6 2021

We have encoded the Design & Distribution Obligations regulation that is coming into effect on Oct 5th.

Bússola Tech Global legistech conference.

Sept 4 2021

Delighted to have participated in the World’s Largest conference on Digital transformation with Bussola Tech flying the flag for Rules and Code and Australia!

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